Assertiveness And Self Confidence Development

One Day Programme
Target Audience
All levels of staff who need to achieve results through peers, subordinates and supervisors as well as being able to demonstrate a confident and positive self image to customers.

Course Overview
The Art of Confident Communication! The course provides practical guidance on how to handle a variety of working situations. The results will enable delegates to maximise their contribution to the organisation’s success and at the same time develop a more confident approach to both their working and day-to-day lives. The programme includes:

  • Understanding what assertiveness is
  • Be able to recognise Passive, Aggressive and Assertive behaviour
  • Recognising how communication can be managed effectively
  • Understanding the effect of assertiveness on others
  • Know how to deal with confrontation and challenges in a confident manner
  • How to say no without feeling guilty
  • Understanding the link between assertiveness, self confidence and self esteem.


This course focuses on why people behave the way they do, this includes an opportunity for the delegates to examine their own behaviour and to develop their behavioural style.