E-Safety – “Keeping Up With The Kidz”

How safe and secure is your personal and school information on Social Networks, School website, Handheld devices, Electronic data transfer media and file Share?

We all make mistakes! …..Even teachers make mistakes!….. Fortunately for some of us, when we made our mistakes we didn’t have to worry about somebody making an instant digital recording of it. We didn’t have to worry about it then being uploaded by somebody so that their 600 ‘friends’ could instantly see it. We didn’t have to worry that these friends sent it to their friends who sent it on to their friends (some of whom they had never met) until anyone and everyone had witnessed our misfortune. More importantly, we didn’t have to worry that our mistake would be readily available for viewing for the rest of our lives. We didn’t even know what ‘going viral’ meant!!

School leaders and managers, teachers and teaching assistants, support staff and even Governors are susceptible to the uncomfortable and sometimes very damaging effects of social and electronic media. For many, ‘Snap chat’ ‘OSINTOT’ or knowing the difference between 831 and 182 can be likened to learning a newly discovered foreign language. We could be forgiven then, for leaving our personal digital information insecure. It is suggested that 75% of us are vulnerable to the most elementary forms of hacking, another 15% of us are susceptible to ‘less than sophisticated hacking’.

This highly commended course is designed to give staff the confidence, tools and knowledge to be able to protect their privacy, understand the pitfalls and dangers associated with electronic media and to use mobile devices and social media securely.

Course Overview
This course is of practical benefit to all staff. The programme covers new and developing technology, mobile devices, social networking, language and jargon, image proliferation and will also include various pieces of relevant legislation. This is an innovative and dynamic programme that will encourage staff to make changes to the way they use and secure electronic data.


At the conclusion of the course delegates will, amongst other things:

  • Understand the dangers of electronic media
  • Gain an understanding how information is obtained and retained
  • Be able to use the given strategies to protect their personal data
  • Be aware of the pitfalls and vulnerabilities with differing software
  • Be more familiar with E -language and jargon
  • Be able to check the security of the school website
  • Be familiar with current trends and behaviour or younger users