Business Writing Skills Course

One Day Programme
Target Audience
Those who are looking to improve their written communication skills, or make an impact in writing.

Course Overview
Modern day businesses have various methods of communication within the organisation. Many of these methods still rely heavily on the written word, for example email and letter. Get the context of these written documents wrong and the message could be lost.
In this session we look at tools and tactics to help you produce and structure business documents.
We look at how to make the written word sound positive and how to get the message across clearly. We’ll introduce you to simple methods to help structure emails, letters and reports and how to make them look and sound interesting. We’ll also look at how to get to the point by getting your message across clearly and in the fewest words possible without sounding harsh. The course includes:

  • Understanding different communication styles and how to reflect this in writing
  • Writing in plain English
  • Making writing positive
  • Structuring written communication.
  • Having a practical framework for producing concise and professional documents
  • Developing confidence to write more effectively