Recruitment And Selection Interviewing

Two Day Programme
Target Audience
Managers, Supervisors and personnel officers whose role requires them to take part in the effective recruitment and selection process.

Course Overview
The aim of this one day course is to ensure that interviewers are equipped with the skills necessary to consistently recruit the best candidates using behavioural and competency based interview techniques, thereby reducing the elements of prejudice, opinion and judgements. The course introduces a structured approach to help with preparation and planning. At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for an interview in an appropriate and professional manner
  • Using the job description and person specification to identify the ‘difficult to assess’ skills and abilities
  • Understand the legal aspects of recruitment and selection
  • Improve existing interview techniques
  • Project a professional image which puts the candidate at ease
  • Use effective questioning to elicit information
  • Understand how to make effective decisions about each candidate

This is a practical course that will provide individuals with guidance in the new skills and techniques essential to conducting successful interviews