Business Training & Development

At Elect we are experts at creating and delivering training in leadership & management, interpersonal skills, customer service, personal and professional development and team building.

All of our courses and programmes develop skills, improve performance and encourage positive behavioural change. Ideal for both new and experienced managers and staff. All of our courses will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation or business.

Current demands on managers and team leaders are increasingly challenging. Achieving standards, goals and targets need innovation and vision.

The Performance Management course will give you the knowledge and skills to define the characteristics and purpose of positive performance management.

This course will demonstrate how to build a team that can perform with maximum effect.

This course focuses on both verbal and physical aggression and builds confidence – the biggest factor in deterring an assault

The course will give delegates an understanding of how individual attitudes and perceptions affect people’s response to change; utilise techniques to reduce resistance to change; create an environment in which people welcome and respond positively to change.

The aim of the course is to enable delegates to gain an understanding of how and why conflict situations arise and then develop strategies for reducing and effectively controlling them.

This course covers all aspects of preparing and structuring agendas and gives simple guidelines for taking and writing minutes.

This course covers all aspects of conversation management and gives delegates a variety of questioning types and strategies to use, ensuring that the interview is productive.

This course covers all aspects of preparing and structuring agendas and gives simple guidelines for taking and writing minutes.

This course will be of benefit to all members of the organisation, whether they be front line staff or otherwise. The course will extend their knowledge and capacity to deliver a quality service to customers and colleagues alike.

The course objectives are to analyse and increase understanding of the techniques of effective communication and active listening.

Participants will learn how to maximise individual learning through their approach and training style, building greater confidence in their ability to interact and motivate trainees.

In this session we look at tools and tactics to help you produce and structure business documents.

The Art of Confident Communication! The course provides practical guidance on how to handle a variety of working situations.

Find out how to plan your time effectively and how to establish priorities, define objectives, review how time is consumed, identify time wasters, learn to delegate effectively and stop procrastinating.

The programme provides an opportunity to build relationships and work ethics into the team. The design of the programme will reflect the needs of the individuals, the team and the organisation.

The course teaches delegates problem solving and decision making methodology, providing practical guidance to ensure that the skills learnt are transferable to the workplace.

This programme will enable staff to project the right impression, improve customer satisfaction and develop techniques to handle difficult situations and complaints effectively.

To make presentations that will capture and hold the audience’s attention; develop a logical approach to the subject matter to be delivered; improve voice projection; practise question and answer techniques; overcome anxiety.