Team Building and Development

One or two day programmes available
Target Audience
Whole teams including support staff wherever possible. The course is aimed at teams which are in a transition stage. Types of teams who would benefit are; newly formed teams, have some new team members, are suffering from problems or are embarking upon a change in structure or working practice.

Course Overview
The programme provides an opportunity to build relationships and work ethics into the team. The design of the programme will reflect the needs of the individuals, the team and the organisation. Itinerary will be negotiated with the trainer but may include.

Setting Objectives and Goals

Openness and Confrontation


Support and Trust

Managing Change

Training Plans

Team/Group control
Personal development

Co-operation and Conflict

Balanced Roles


Procedures and guidelines

Inter-group relationships

Management of stress

This course focuses on why teams behave the way they do and what can be done to ensure that they perform effectively and efficiently.