Managing Attendance And Sickness

One Day programme
Target Audience
All Managers and supervisors who have responsibility for, or influence over staff. There is a need to review current management style and to take a more strategic and planned approach to their roles as attendance managers.

Course Overview
Line managers and supervisors have a day to day responsibility for the supervision and welfare of the staff they manage. Consequently they have an essential role to play in developing a culture of attendance.
The aim of the course is to enhance the skills and impact of line managers in dealing effectively with, and improving attendance The course will include:

  • Identifying the critical role managers play
  • Recognising reasons that may affect an individuals decision to attend the workplace
  • Recognising the effects of absenteeism on the individual and the organisation
  • Recognise and manage attendance issues
  • Identify options available to managers
  • Recognise symptoms and causes of stress
  • Recognising the need for effective return to work interviews