Tribunal And Court Room Skills

One Day Programme
Target Audience
This highly practical course is designed for any professional who may be called upon to represent their organisation in any legal forum or present evidence in a court or tribunal.

Course Overview
This course is a practical introduction to giving effective presentations in a court room. Delegates become familiar with the procedures and practices of a court of law, and techniques to improve personal presentation, and performance, in court. Delegates will learn how to present evidence under cross examination.
The programme also includes familiarisation with legislation that affects the type of evidence which may be presented, and the manner in which it is obtained.
(Company courses may also include legislation specifically relevant to the organisation.)

Course Content

  • Role of the court and court personnel
  • Presenting yourself
  • Oath or affirmation
  • How to deal with cross examination
  • Lawyers techniques in cross examination and how best to deal with them
  • Giving Evidence